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MISSION - Our Vision

Efficient, high-powered and intelligent analysis methods and techniques are required to address today's logistics and transportation challenges. Operations research is at the heart of this intelligence. Operations research models and methods, integrated to an enterprise’s management information systems, help analyzing and transforming the data into useful tools for management and planning processes. The main goal of the Chair is to develop these models and methods as well as their necessary tools and prototypes for their evaluation and transfer.

The vision of the Chair in logistics management focuses on a set of high-tech research activities, knowledge and technology, based upon the synergy between operations research, computer science, information technologies, as well as operations management and social analysis. The research program of the Chair is inspired by the industrial and institutional needs and the results of its projects are confronted to the milieu’s reality. In that regards, the collaboration of the partners is crucial. It is structured into the following research needs:


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