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Project 101. Retail logistics network design

Principal researchers : T.G. CRAINIC, J-M. BOURJOLLY, S. MARCOTTE, W. REI
Postdoctoral fellows  : M. P.L. TAKOUDA
Students : M. CORRIVEAU (MBA-Research)

This project primarily targets the supply and distribution networks of the large national retail chains. We are interested in supply networks at three levels: “local” (Canada), “neighbouring” (USA) and “international” (elsewhere in the world). We examine purchasing strategies and shipping consolidation strategies, as well as the choice of distribution channels and transportation strategies. The methodology proposed must take into account the interactions with inventory management and the demand characteristics of a wide range of product classes. The objective is to identify a logistics structure and operational strategies that will reduce costs and allow the company's profitability objectives and customer service objectives to be attained. The research involves modelling systems and their components with respect to diverse exploitation strategies, the search for appropriate solution methods, and the evaluation and comparison of the various supply strategies.



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