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Project 301. Multi-modal, multi-product transportation systems, ITS and logistics chains

Principal researchers : T.G. Crainic, Y. Bigras
Collaborator : M. Gendreau
Postdoctoral fellows : R. Namboothiri
Student : M. Ahbib (Ph.D.)

Regional goods transportation — where “region” means a geographic zone covering a metropolitan area, a province, a state, or a group of states — is a system whose behaviour and performance are determined based on the various stakeholder interactions with respect to demand, offer and the economic, legal and social transportation context. A global, integrated multi-modal vision of transportation is needed in order to understand and predict the behaviour of such a system and its components. This analysis, called National Strategic Planning, allows the study of diverse scenarios related to the possible evolution of the transportation system and its social, economic, political and technological environment.

This project focuses on the development of models and methods that will allow multi-product, multi-modal goods transportation systems to be represented integratively, not just their physical characteristics, but also their service characteristics and objectives (e.g., costs, time, energy consumption, emissions levels). One of the most important challenges of this project is finding a correct and efficient way to represent 1) the impact of ITS deployment on the system behaviour in general and on the logistics chains in particular, and 2) the environmental impact of the transportation system and scenarios studied. In the long term, this project aims to develop prototypes of the decision-support tools that include these methods, to combine these systems and tools with those for City logistics (Project 302), and to complete a number of case studies.



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