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Project 403. Methods for transferring advanced management methods for transportation and logistics systems

Principal researchers : T.G. Crainic, G. St-Amant

The level of sophistication of the integration and use of information and decision technologies varies greatly from one company to another, independent of the activity sector. In fact, the implementation and use of advanced information and decision technologies, particularly in the context of integrated logistics and e-business, present an enormous challenge for many companies, especially SME. It is important to understand such behaviour in order to identify the appropriate technological developments and the best strategies for the diffusion, transfer, training and use of methods and instruments. It is also necessary to find the means that will give SME easier access to these technologies at a lower cost.
A certain number of concepts, such as the “organizational capacity” and “dynamic capacity” of the company, are proposed to characterize the potential of companies to integrate information technologies. Transforming these concepts into diagnostic tools and change constitutes an important subject of research. In this project, we aim to make these concepts more widespread, and thus contribute to the design and development of tools for technological transfer of advanced planning and management methods and instruments based on operations research and other decision technologies.



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